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Take a Trip in First Class


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If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to travel in First Class, watch this video on YouTube on wonder no more! The video shows some of the most prestigious First Class cabins in the sky. Champagne, caviar, private suites and gourmet chefs are only part of what you get when you fly in First.

The experience begins even before you get on the plane–sometimes even before you get to the airport. Some airlines, like Emirates, offer a complimentary limo pick-up and drop-off service to get you to the airport or to your hotel. Once at the airport, you can wait comfortably in the First Class lounge, where you’ll feel more like you’re at a spa than at the airport. When you step on board the plane, you’ll be pampered with luxury and comfort only found in the front of the plane.

You can see the video here, but don’t pay any attention to the prices they quote. We can get these same flights for you at a fraction on the cost!






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