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Our mission at FlyerSmiles is simple. We believe in making people smile. Whether you are traveling internationally for fun or business, you want to help a charity, or you know a struggling child that needs a smile, we want to help.

We believe in saving money on flights.

We have access to flights and pricing not available to the public. When you search for airfare on typical travel sites, you only see a portion of the available flights. We have relationships and connections that allow us considerably more options at deeply discounted rates. Many of our business and first class flights are up to 70% off the listed fares. We use Award Travel, consolidator fares, companion flights, special corporate contracts, upgrades, last minute deals, multiple airline travel, and more. This allows us access to luxury flights at a fraction of the cost.

We believe the frequent flyer game can be won.

We can make your miles go considerably further than if you book directly with an airline. Redeeming miles is tricky. Frequent flyer programs all have different rules and procedures for earning and redeeming miles, and they don’t make it easy. There are black-out dates and restrictions that can end up costing you more miles than necessary. When you work with FlyerSmiles, you get the best deals, because we know how to play the game to make your miles go further. And when miles go further, they can do great things, like booking a first-class flight for a dream vacation, or helping a child that is struggling with health issues, or even reducing a corporate travel budget. If you have 300,000 miles or more, call us. You’ll be glad you did.

We believe travel should be fun and comfortable.

International flights should be comfortable and enjoyable. We want to help you earn and redeem your miles to get the most value, allowing you to stretch-out and enjoy your flight in business or first class. After all, nothing makes you smile more on your journey, than a relaxing, comfortable flight.

We believe in free travel.

We can help you fly for free by choosing the right credit cards and frequent flyer programs, to make the most of every purchase. Do you know that by making small changes in how you pay your personal or corporate expenses can lead to huge differences in flyer miles? And, if you redeem your miles the FlyerSmiles way, you can actually travel farther, using less miles? Instead of flying coach across a couple states, you can be flying first class, all over the world. Let us show you how fill out the form below and we will contact you about our program.

We believe in
helping kids.

We love free travel. In fact, we love it so much; we give away flights just to make kids smile. We work with great organizations like Make a Wish, sending children on flights all over the world. Do you know of an organization that needs our help, or a hurting child that has a special wish? Submit your story and we will consider your submission for SMILE of the month! Because there is no reason why we shouldn't all smile.

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We are a proud sponsor and partner of the
Make - A - Wish Foundation